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Journalist & Teacher

Journalist & Lecturer on Philosophy, Culture, Politics, History.

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I teach and write about philosophy, religion, history, socio-cultural issues and sometimes the ways in which they intersect. 

Things To Read

Talking To The Bodhisattva Inside 

Aug 2021

How the Jungian practice of “active imagination” can help us relate to Buddhism’s cosmic archetypes 

The Body In Buddhadharma: Three Perspectives

March 2020

From the outside, Buddhist meditation can seem like it is all about the mind, overlooking the body, which remains seated and still. Those looking for body-centered practices are more likely to look to the t’ai chi or hatha yoga traditions. But Buddhism does place the body at the center of its methods for meditative cultivation.

Esoteric Theravada 

Jan 2021

An interview with Kate Crosby about an obscure Theravadin practice lineage.

A White Rose For Myanmar

Dec 2019

Buddhists in Myanmar are pushing back against the country’s nationalist monastics and trying to shift public opinion on the Rohingya crisis.

The Buddhist Roots of Hathayoga

Fall 2019 Tricycle

Purists discourage mixing traditions, but research reveals that the origins of one of today’s most popular Indian practices aren’t so clear-cut.

Mother Night: We Are What We Pretend To Be

May 2 2019

If I search my own life for a major instance of Vonneguttian pretend, it would surely be my own participation in an ecosystem-destroying culture.  Doing so clearly does not reflect my values, or at least not some of them, ones I happen to cherish. Yet I do it because of other values I hold, like security and pleasure.  At the end of the day, which will matter more- my lifelong participation in industrial capitalism, or the private thoughts of my heart?

Wilderness Birthed The Mind

April 21 2019

As the Earth radically changes, what happens to the wisdom that it has to offer us?

Why the Buddha Would Advocate for Universal Basic Income

OCT 25, 2017

You're probably not asking what the Buddha would have thought about UBI, but maybe you should be.

Putting to Rest the Myth of the Heroic Self

JUL 25, 2017

This is a reflection I wrote about my friend Michael Stone, Jewish Buddhist teacher, after his tragic death.

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Journalist and freelance writer

I frequently write on things Buddhist, Jewish, and human. I am the Pacific Correspondent for the Canadian Jewish News and write regularly for Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, the Jewish Independent, and The Wisdom Daily. I am a professional lecturer and storyteller in Jewish culture, Eastern philosophy, and other eccentric interests of mine. I am available to give talks and lead workshops. I also am a long time meditation instructor.

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